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June 23, 2006



great entry. my dd slept in a bouncy seat only thing she would sleep in. She still comes in with us about 2 times a week. They are little for so short a time.


We were/are a co sleeping family :-) Loved having my babies right there beside me! No safer place in the world in my opinion...and both of them still sneak in our room from time to time..and I love that! Enjoy these last couple of months with her and don't even get me started on how badly I miss having my "sling babies"..ds was in one for almost a solid two years and dd the same. Cloth diapers....I used Tushies, does that count..lol:-) My kids were so allergic to traditional diapers.
Great photo!


What precious kiddos you have!! I was never able to co-sleep with my kiddos, just couldn't do it. I was too worried when they were itty bitty then as they got older & we tried it, they were all OVER the place flipping & flopping about....my poor hubby couldn't sleep that way and I had to choose to continue to sleep with him or the kiddos and the hubby won. ;-)

robyn bedsaul(twinsplus1)

I'm a co sleeper too! And I NEVER in a million years would have thought I would be!

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