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June 28, 2006



Oh poor you no AC. I made dh turn the AC on last week finally because the humidity was just too too much.

kelly edgerton

I don't have an iPod and so I don't get the podcasts... bummer! Just another reason I want one of those little treasures.

So sorry to read about how hot you are. I know that the heat can really wear on a person's emotional state of mind. I grew up in Washington State - no a/c there... when it was hot, we were miserable. I'm guessing that your headache is probably due to a lack of sleep. Maybe you could set up a fan and snooze while the kiddies take their naps today????

Best of luck with all of your projects. Sheila, your productivity rocks my socks. You are amazing!


If you ever get a chance to go to a Women of Faith conference Lucy Swindoll is one of the speakers there. It is a very inspiring weekend and well worth the money. I backed out of going this year but have been the last two years and it was a blast.

Good luck on your entries and YAY! on all the assignments being done, it is always nice to take a deep breath, step back and relize you are actually caught up for a while.


i pray for an ipod. lol
really i still think i need one. the podcasts rock! i'm jealous. LOL do u have a Mac? i've heard it's better if u have a Mac... maybe it doesn't really matter.
i too love the Women of Faith.
hey if u get Junkitz then skippin on SBOTY may be totally worth it.
i'm sure they will do the SBOTY every year now.

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

Ohhh I would love an IPOD too!!!

Good luck on Junkitz girlie!!!


I hate it hot too. Yuck. Hope you have cooled off.

20 layouts in 3 days? OK, you are beyond amazing!

tracy whitney

the hot, humid weather is dreadful. no A/C here.

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