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July 27, 2006


Mary Ellen

Sheila--You are so BLESSED to have a detached studio! GREAT idea to make it half you/half kids! You have a wood stove? So you want something to keep it just, say, 50 or so all the time...Propane is pretty cheap, although you'de have to pay for the new propane furnace up front...hmmmm.....
How's the KI book coming!? Rooting for you!
Hope you cool off! Cloudy here today--supposed to get DOWN to 99!!!
Mary Ellen


I don't like being hot either!! Stay cool!


Sheila, I really feel for you and the heat. I remember after a hurricaine how misserable we were until the electricity was connected again. It looks like it would be worth the cost to buy a window unit to cool just your living room so everyone could go in there to escape the heat.I'm sure you will have many more hot days from time to time to justify the expense of putting it in. But they are really inexpensive here in Texas. I don't know about there. Good luck on the weather forecast.


was thinking about your post last night... your friends 2 yr old passing... and just wondered what in the world they think happened? i still can't bare to hear stuff like this. especially when i have a 2 yr old.
hope the weather gets more bareable. i know it is hard with no a/c.... we are all a/c equipped down south but the rest of the country is a different story. : )

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