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May 31, 2006


Amy Williams

That is an adorable photo! I also spend way too much time on the computer...I usually try to give myself a time limit, but I always extend that a couple of hours!


I know what you mean, I didn't have my computer for almost a whole week last month and almost pulled my hair out. lol

adorable photo!


What a cute pic! I am the SAME way when my internet is down. I HATE it. Seems like I can't function! LOL


I couldn't live without my internet in the morning!!! Glad you got something accomplished though...can't wait to see it!!


You sound! I hate that I'm like that!


That's my worst fear, because I'd be cut off from the 'real world'. Sad, isn't it?



hi sheila--I've been a lurker on your blog for a while and decided to come out of the closet and say hi--I've posted in threads w/you at Two Peas, but never "formally" introduced myself...
I decide to comment here because SO many of the things you say I relate to...I'm a Christian, agree 100%w/your ideas re: DaVinci code, even have a Willow Tree Nativity (I saw your wishlist for Amazon).
Love your work--can even relate to not putting much in my gallery because I'm sending everything in to magazines (still waiting to be published), started reading your blog after seeing your MIM travel album--so 'HI'...:) have a great day....
Mary Ellen


my dh makes comments about my time here...
i try to set limits. it doesn't always work.
i feel guilty- it's a viscious cycle.

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