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May 24, 2006



Stacy is such an inspiration and I need to remember her philosophy. So glad you were inspired.


Oh Sheila--I remember that class in 2003 vividly, too. She's amazing--simply the BEST.

So glad you got to spend another day with her.



p.s. HEY! Where's my name in the "Blogs I Read" list?!? : ) Just Kidding!



Sounds awesome Sheila!

tracy whitney

AMEN! How refreshing!


amen again! i love her book and i have been showing it to some of my friends who scrap but have been bogged down my organizing to the point of not even scrapping etc... and i've said to them free yourself- stop worrying about what order it's in. they love her philosophy too! this is one of those books that every scrapper on the planet should read.

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