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May 28, 2006



Good thoughts on the book. I, literally, just hung up from a conversation with my mother about the book, and we kept saying over and over, "It's FICTION!" Love the term Faction. Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing and your babes are beautiful! Love the hair!

Have a great weekend!



ooh, i also love the "faction" term. I think it describes it perfectly! We are also discussing this in church and I too looooved to book. It was amazing and in return made me buy all of Dan Brown's books to read. Because he writes good FICTION! What makes me laugh is that the book says RIGHT ON THE SPINE of it...FICTION. Think people need to remember that!


My husband loved this book. Like you said, it's a great 'faction' book. I can't wait to read it now!

Jennifer Stewart

Hey, Sheila :) I have the same concerns as you, that people will be misled that any of this bogus stuff is true. I lol'ed @ your Mary Magdalene comments. :)

Like the "faction" term!



I LOVE the book and really like the 'faction' term, it describes it perfectly :)


hi sheila- found your blog through another pea friend. : )
awesome! i totally agree. can't wait to read or see the movie and we talked about this in our SS class recently too. and my pastor has had a sermon series going on sun. nights called 'debunking the da vinci code'. it has been really good. i agree totally that as a christian you should know what it's about so you can defend the fiction about it all. can't have a conversation when you aren't well read. :)


I think if you remember that it is a work of fiction it is quite interesting and intriguing. I thought it raised some interesting points. Is it going to change my views of Christ or my views on Christianity no it is a fiction book with some facts thrown in how the author wanted that being said I only read the book last week and really enjoyed it.

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