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May 26, 2006



Adorable pictures! The hair is so cute!

Jennifer Stewart

What a PRECIOUS little thing she is! That hair is a hoot! And you're right, thru it all what is most important are the lifelong gifts that God has given to us. I'm so sorry about all the things that have happened lately. I hope they are cleared up soon!

Jennifer :)

Heather D. White

OMGOSH! I seriously laughed out loud when I saw these pictures. She is an absolute DOLL! LOL!!!! Such a funny picture! And I am all about ruffle-bums! SO CUTE! So sorry things are falling apart at your house...seems it's ALWAYS that way at our house. If it's not ONE thing, it's another. C'est la vie, right? Thanks for popping by my blog! Yes, it IS nice to have been pampered this week getting my hair done. YAY! I finally feel like I look semi-nice....besides the baby weight I'm still trudging around. LOL!


Oh my, what a cutie patootie!

Renee (momto2)

Great pics. Love the baby hair!

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