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August 16, 2006



I am a firm, firm believer that our kitties find us, not the other way around. They come into our lives for a reason. My kitty saved my son's life and I'd do anything for her. Enjoy your new kitty! Post pictures!

I cannot believe school is about to start again. We've done most of our shopping (see my blog)... WHERE did the summer go?!

Mary Ellen

Hi Sheila--Glad you worked out a way to post!I've been wondering what you are up to--figured you were madly working on your KI Album. Now that the deadline has passed, can you share what you did it on?
I was thinking/praying about you this week when I had quiet time. It is really hard when you have really little ones...the only way I could ever manage it was by getting up early, but then my kids slept til 7 or so...
Now I get up at 6--5:30 when I start walking again--and my kids don't get up til 8:30-9 so I can make's the darned PEAing that's gettin me sucked in! I think I have to discipline myself to 3xwk or something like that!
Wow--so neat to see that you picked some *fruit* to work thing is kindness too...I'm just really in a hurry so much of the time, which makes for impatience and snapping at the kids..s-l-o-w-d-o-w-n is my motto right now..helps me a LOT. I did the BEST Bible Study on the Fruit of the Spirit onlin with Beth was AWESOME--blessed me so much. A work-at-your-own-pace kind of thing. Let me know if you are interested in checking it out, and I can give you the website. (yeah like I have time right now :) I can hear you saying!)

So you have a kitty...we don't do kittys here...I am WAY allergic, but I am working on getting a dog!

Nice to hear from you!
Take Care
Mary Ellen


You will have to put a copy of your hubby's article here, for all of us to enjoy!

So glad that you are feeling rejuvenated regarding MOPS. Your ladies are touching women's lives. Just be available and an encouragement to them. Let God do the rest. This task is too big for us! Don't you agree.

Got my 20D today, came Priority, bought it off eBay and took it to a Spokane Indian's game. Boy does it have a good shot. Love how it picks up light. I need to get another lens and Adobe Elements and then I will be set for awhile. Planning on taking a class or two on photography, I've gotten too set in my ways I think.

Look forward to hearing from you and... love the new photo on the home page.


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