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August 28, 2006



LOL! too funny! must be the summer air. My dogs would lOVE that much space to roam and I am sure they would do the same as yours.

Sure hope they get used to jail! ;0)


lol. I know if my dog had so much land to run around on she would never want to be inside.

Dawn (rn4jchrist)

too funny!! I had a dog like that too, always bothering the neighbors, and could always get away from us!!


hijacking this comments link to say Thank You for your wonderful comments posted on my blog today. I really appreciate your support as I slog through this divorce thing and wanted to let you know. Thanks so much.
Sharon Reynolds


You would think that with all the area to roam, they would stay out of trouble.

Doggie jail - poor guys. Love, love goldens. I can just imagine their sad faces - hope someone will bring them chocolate, LOL...

Mary Ellen

Hi Sheila--Funny post! ~~~"Hey, If someone gave me chocolate every time I came by, I'd go back too!"~~FUNNY! and AMEN to that!

I was wondering if you would mind if I emailed you to pick your brain about *business*? If not, I would totally understand. Can't hurt to ask right? Let me know!
Mary Ellen

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