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April 08, 2007


Melissa Kaiserman

"I basically just cleared away all the old, dead growth so the new plants could make their way through. Ugh." I'm with ya, sister! In fact, one of my bday gifts from my MIL was her clearing the dead stuff from the front yard. I like planting and enjoying the flowers from late spring through summer and then am sick of it by fall. Definitely a fair weather gardener! ;)

He is risen indeed!



Okay, w/ your son & his fashion sense he and Chloe (w/ her sock issues) would make a perfect pair!!! Glad your Easter was blessed.


You had 70 degree weather and we had SNOW. In central Texas on Easter Sunday no less! Can you believe that? The last time that happened was in 1938 according to the weather man. But glad you enjoyed the wonderful day with your precious little ones. They look so adorable and happy. Can't wait to see your new deck. Quite a job for Joel to squeeze in his busy work week. But I know your sweetie will manage it somehow. Looking forward to the pic's. G.M.

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