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April 30, 2007


Melissa Kaiserman

Happy Birthday! It's awesome that you know and can celebrate the exact date.

Love that layout, especially the fun "curvy thingy" in the middle. It provides great movement between the photos.



For me, it has been 29 years. When you look at your kids having Jesus in their lives - do you think it is easierto find Him when you are older? I have no compass but my GK, and sometimes they can home with some doozes - most of their spiritual training is on our watch and that is the way I like it.
I hear you on the chauffeuring thing. WE only have one in softball but because of karate it takes two of us in two different rigs at two different times to get everybody to the games twice a week.
Miss Rebekah's drawing is beautiful - great idea about putting them all together. Great talking to you - it has been a while, Have four graduations, 2 weddings and two bridal showers. Have to take photos at a few of these events. Have a great day, zalaine

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