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August 14, 2010



I can soooooo relate to your relationship with your grandparents! It's such a gift that two girls like us were not only blessed with truly extraordinary GRANDparents but to also be allowed to have them long into our adulthood. Now our kids will remember then and when we explain our childhood to them they'll understand our love for them! Although we didn't get a "fair shake" in life, God knew all along what He was doing. Pretty amazing!

Hollie Collins

What blessing! I feel bad chloe's great grandparents all passed when she was one I took her to visit all of them so I have the pictures and it meant a lot to them and we are gearing up to see my husbands grandmother the last remaining great grandparent but she has cancer and doesn't have much time left. Oh joy will be the day I can see my grandma again, God is great!

Melissa K

So sweet. My grandparents have all died, and I think it's so special that you still have these two who have played such a huge role in your life. What a legacy they have been creating.

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