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August 11, 2011


Melissa Kaiserman

Yep, I could have written this post... a couple of years ago, though. ;) Except for the part about buying four newspapers. I actually never had more than ours and my MIL's.

What's funny is that my coupons are actually more organized now than they ever were. That was motivated mostly by the fact that I could never find what I needed and then would run across a great coupon after my trip to the store!


I love this post!

I'm a relatively new couponer, I started in late January. I can totally see myself getting caught up in it but I don't want to ever make a million trips a week. Never. Ever.

Do I go to multiple stores - yes I do, when I feel like it or when it's not inconvenient to do so. And, I went through an old forum that I used to post on and discovered that the number of trips I was making per week because we forgot something or because we didn't have anything in the house to eat was comparable to the number of trips we make now with couponing.

If it ever gets to the point where it's more than that -- I will HAVE to quit or step back and re-evaluate. I can't imagine ever paying full price on a regular basis again. But I also can't imagine turning couponing into any more than it is right now. (Something I spend a few hours a week, max, on.)

Kim @ Wonderings

I am definitely a couponor but I have never been extreme about it. As the Husband and I don't have any children, our grocery bills aren't that big to start with. I can generally save about 40% if we spend some time planning our menu and going through the weekend papers. The half hour of planning is definitely worth it!

Condo Blues

When I first started couponing again - this time doing it the right way by stacking when possible - I felt compelled to get every deal that applied to what we buy. It was exhausting and I spent every week at the store. Now that I have one or two extra of what we use (I refuse to get something we don't use or unhealthy because it's a super mega deal. That's just how I roll.) I'm back to normal every other week or so shopping. Still with coupons and multiple stores. I did multiple stores BSEC (Before Sorta Extreme Couponing)because my hippie mart doesn't carry everything we need. I'm still gloating about last week's shopping trip where I saved 58% on fresh fruits and veggies. Not a processed piece of food in the bunch. Yay me!

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